Favourites Series: 2012 Rosé D’Anjou Famille Bougrier

2012 Rosé D’Anjou Famille Bougrier

The length of this rosé is as long as Quintana’s winning margin! It’s as balanced as his steady climb up Monte Zoncolan! They should serve this wine out of replicas of Quintana’s pink boots! Nairo Quintana’s sweat in the maglia rosa is probably the same colour as this rosé — except that, like Chuck Norris, Nairo Quintana doesn’t sweat.

I got a little over-excited yesterday when Colombia’s Nairo Quintana won the Giro d’Italia, the first ever Grand Tour win for him and the first win ever by a Colombian. We toasted his achievement with a glass or three of 2012 Famille Bougrier Rosé D’Anjou, which seemed the right colour at least, as the Giro uses the maglia rosa, or pink jersey, to mark its leader just as the Tour de France uses the famous yellow jersey.

It was one of the best rosés I’ve ever tried. It’s so light and refreshing chilled, and dangerously easy to drink. There are loads of red berries on the nose and in the mouth, and the balance is perfect. There’s no heaviness from over-sweetness or the aggressive zing of acidity or alcohol. It’s lively and crisp, and is just as pleasant to drink on its own as it would be with food.

The Famille Bourgrier Rosé d’Anjou is a blend of Grolleau Noir, Gamay, and Cabernet Franc. Rosé d’Anjou is made from a majority of Grolleau, a variety primarily grown in France’s Loire Valley and not permitted in very many appellations. It’s horrifying to think that Robert Parker has actually advocated ripping out all the Grolleau vines and replacing them with Gamay and Cabernet Franc, because while there may be some poor examples of Grolleau-based wines out there, this one suggests to me that it doesn’t have to be that way.


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