Wine News 3 to 10 June

Stormy weather has hit vineyards across Bordeaux, Champagne and Cognac, bringing gale force winds and hail the size of prunes. With hail having hit Burgundy last week, French wine lovers may soon have cause for concern.

As a (misguided?) attempt is made to make Chianti labeling clearer by introducing Chianti Classico Gran Selezione,  and a Loire winemaker is fined just two euros for breaking France’s very restrictive labeling laws. Both these stories give you insight into the political landscapes and viticultural issues at play in the two countries.

Meanwhile, in Britain, a prankster is altering the descriptions of supermarket wines very much for the better. Wonder how many Google searches there have been for ‘trouser jazz’ since those photos started making the rounds on social media.

trouser jazz

Still, bitter clown tears in a bottle in Brixton are better than what one shopper claims to have found in a bottle of supermarket wine in Bristol. I do not like spiders. Yet I find I cannot look away from this photo.


There are rumours that Northern Virginia could be the next Napa, and there’s even a native grape called Norton. Why did I not know that? This new article on Vinepair will get you up to speed on the best wineries and what you’ll find there.

We’ve discovered a fantastic graphic blog with illustrated tasting notes, informational graphics, cartoons — take a look and find your favourite. We especially liked this sherry illustration (click image for larger version on Zelda’s site).

Particularly in summer, my book club starts reading less and drinking more. Maybe we need to become a book and wine group, or just wine group instead. After all, Fiona Beckett claims that’s one of the best ways to learn about wine. We could rebrand. The ‘Driven to Drink Book Club’ or maybe ‘Winos Forever’ after Johnny Depp’s famous tattoo?


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