Picnic with Wine, Kite and Upside-Down Rainbow

We headed out last night to our favourite local park to have a little picnic and eat, drink and be merry.


“Being merry” here simply means flying Mr. Winetuned’s power kite, so don’t get the wrong impression. The wind was a bit light, but the clouds were amazing to watch. Unfortunately, our picnic blanket attracted every dog in the park. Who knew so many dogs liked chenin blanc? We liked it too. Mr. Winetuned said there was nothing about it he didn’t like, and that it was a carefree wine. One he didn’t really have to think about a lot or overanalyze, but could just enjoy.



If we hadn’t been flying the power kite, we probably would never have seen the upside-down rainbow in the sky.


Officially, that’s a circumzenithal arc, but instead of being the refraction of light through raindrops, the light is refracted through ice crystals in cirrus clouds. Apparently they go unnoticed a lot of the time because they occur so high in the sky. It’s one for the sky-gazers and kite-flyers of the world.


It almost made up for the dog that peed on the power kite.



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