Wine News 24 June to 1 July

Welcome back to the Winetuned Weekly Wine News, where we share the wine stories we were talking about this week.

We’re thinking of the vineyards in Burgundy which have been hit by hail again. If you missed the story, which is being reported widely, there are good brief overviews with photos on Decanter and Dr. Vino. We were fascinated by the idea of anti-hail cannons, but sadly for the cannon owners this time, it doesn’t seem to have worked.


via @BourgogneLive

We saw this list of best summer wine accessories and just loved the idea of a corksicle. It looks great for picnics and outings.

It may surprise you to learn that foot-treading improves the quality of port by 2%. It surprised us.

Right in step with the growing popularity of Italian wines in the UK and elsewhere, the vineyards of Barolo have been given UNESCO world heritage status.

This fine article in two parts (part one and part two) may cause you to rethink your attitude towards oxidation. One of our favourite lines was this one: “Whilst I may enjoy uncomplicated fresh wines – they are as snapshots of bright fruit – I also appreciate the profound qualities of oxidative wines which are like paintings with a rich impasto of texture.”

Wine Enthusiast magazine has published its 2014 list of the 100 best American restaurants for people who love wine. Take a look, and if you happen to be stateside, see if there’s one near you.

And finally, the Tour de France starts this Saturday, 5 July, in Yorkshire. As cycling fans, we decided it might be fun to celebrate with posts on the blog for each stage. For the three weeks of the Tour, expect to see features interesting places, wines, and foods of the areas the cyclists pass through. We may recommend wines we really love, tell you about a wine we’re eager to try or introduce you to a great vineyard you may not have heard of. Come along for the ride!


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