Wine News 12-19 August

We’re back with this week’s wine news! If you’ve been on holiday, you may not have seen these stories, so let us help you catch up.

Pioneering Italian winemaker Paolo Rapuzzi has died. He was one of the first growers in Friuli to revive and champion native Italian grape varieties, and will be a great loss to Italian wine.

Scientists have conducted further tests on the skeleton of King Richard III and revealed that after becoming king, he drank up to a bottle of wine per day, along with birds such as swans, cranes, herons and egrets.

W. Blake Gray argues on that “The Old Wine Pairing Rules Don’t Work Anymore.” There’s a bit of debate developing in the comment section too. Do you think because we eat differently these days the things to consider in pairing food and wine are not the same as 50 or 100 years ago?

Matt Walls offered a few tips for holidays in wine regions, including some of his most memorable visits. Commenters are also sharing their own top tips.

There’s a beginner’s guide to German wine over on Serious Eats. If you’re looking for an introduction or overview, you should check it out, because it covers the main wine regions, grape varieties and even helps you get to grips with German wine labels.

Here’s an unexpected topic for you: wine and font matching. Even if you think the idea is mad, take a look and see if you see a font you’d like to add to your arsenal.


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