Wine News 19-26 August

It’s Tuesday, no matter how much it feels like a Monday, so it’s time for our weekly wine news.

First off, we’re thinking of the people affected by the earthquake in Napa and Sonoma in California. Wine Spectator and Dr. Vino cover some of the damage to wineries, but as is always the case with natural disasters, it takes a while to get a complete picture of the scale of the damage.

Our Twitter feed exploded this morning with discussions of a wine sale at Tesco. Most people were tweeting about the sale on Bollinger, but some of those in the know were saying the bargains on Bordeaux and Australian wines in the bin ends section. This link takes you to the Bolly.

Bottlenotes matches hot dogs (American hot dogs, not those sausages in finger rolls you find in England) with wine, from the standard ballpark dog to chili dogs and corn dogs. It’s a thought-provoking list, but we think even the toppings on a basic hot dog would make a huge difference. I mean, with some hot dogs topped with mustard and tart green pickle relish, others with raw onions or sauerkraut, I’m not sure a general recommendation for a dry rosé is the place to start.

You don’t have to resign yourself to purple teeth just because you like red wine. VinePair gives you some tips for prevention, including some you might not have considered.

The Grape Collective has posted a good piece on Anselme Selosse. You may remember our post about Selosse in June when the Tour de France passed near Avize and Domaine Jacques Selosse.

Chilean producer Sebastian de Martino is experimenting with casks made of Chile’s native raulí beech at his winery in the Maipo Valley. He also uses tinajas, which are 100 year-old clay amphorae made in Chile. We’d love to taste the results of his attempt to reflect Chile’s indigenous wood and viticultural history in the production of his wines.

Let “The Wine Lover’s Guide to Hosting” on Wine Enthusiast guide you through the tricks to hosting wine tastings, dinner parties, and big events.

Wine Folly posted a somewhat controversial piece called “6 Foods That Don’t Pair with Wine,” but if you change the title of the piece to “6 Foods That Can Be Tough to Pair with Wine,” you’ll probably find it useful. For example, the first food on the list is chocolate, but then the piece goes on to recommend five good pairing choices. She didn’t mention our personal favourite, Maydie Tannat from Madiran in the Pyrennees. Man, we need to post about that soon (and not just because it’s an excuse to make chocolate cake).

We’re following the Vuelta a España, the last Grand Tour in the 2014 cycling calendar. There hasn’t been much drama so far while the riders toured sherry country in the area around Jerez, but today that could change. The stage ends in Córdoba, so we may not be able to resist a post on Montilla-Moriles and Pedro Ximénez.



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