Wine News 2-9 September

It’s time again for the bits of wine news that caught our attention this week.

Did you see the amazing photos on Jennifer Mahon’s website of Colmar, the “capitale des vins d’Alsace,“on the Alsace Wine Route? A word of warning: if you click, Colmar may rocket to the top of your holiday destination list.

English winemaker Chapel Down has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £4 million for expansion. We’ve seen crowdfunding used to fund wine books, but this is the first winemaker we’ve see to try it.

This list of 8 apps for wine lovers on Tom’s Guide featured a few we hadn’t seen. The list includes apps for Android and some free ones (two of our favourite things).

Bottlenotes profiled Dan Quinn’s video “Why Does Wine Cry?” The high-speed footage illustrates surface tension by swirling a glass of red wine and watching the tears or legs that form, and it’s cool to watch even if you’re already familiar with the principles involved.

In Decanter, Benjamin Lewin talks to French winemakers joining the Vin de France category as a protest against strict appellation rules.

In Punch, Zachary Sussman reports as “Santorini Rediscovers Its Forgotten Wines.” Read up on “Nykteri,” the traditional style that’s coming back into vogue.

We like those quick overview features Wine-Searcher has been doing on specific wine regions and winemakers. This week we read “The Busy Wine Lover’s Guide to Domaine Jean-Louis Chave,” “10 Things Every Wine Lover Should Know About Marqués de Murrieta,” and “What’s the Big Deal about Etna?”




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