Wine News 28 October to 4 November

And it’s Election Day for Americans, and here’s a little-known fact for non-American readers: You can’t buy alcohol on Election Day in two U.S. states, Kentucky and South Carolina. Janet was actually surprised by that, because she was sure it was more than just those two. Here’s hoping people in those states picked some up ahead of time to celebrate election victories or dull the misery of Election Tuesday defeats. Meanwhile, here’s this week’s wine news!

We were shocked to read that sales of the Italian apéritif Aperol are up by 800% this year at British supermarket Waitrose. I don’t care what kind of marketing you’ve done or how a long, hot summer might have fueled a taste for lighter drinks and spritzes, that is an unbelievable increase.

If you’re near London and free, you should definitely make plans to attend the Wine Car Boot sale. Back in the summer, when the event was held at Granary Square near King’s Cross, everyone who attended was raving about how great it was. For a £10 ticket, you get five free samples, a Govino tasting glass, and a six-bottle wine carrier, plus you get to browse the wares of some of London’s best independent wine merchants. It will be held Friday, 28 November from 2-10pm at Old Spitalfields Market. Get the details here.

So what’s the big deal about Tokaji? Darrel Joseph asks the question on Wine-Searcher and answers it too. Sweet wine lovers won’t want to miss it.

Austria has introduced a three-tier quality pyramid for its sparkling wines. The system won’t be implemented until spring 2015. Decanter gives you the specifications for each quality level.

Social security offices in Languedoc Roussillon were vandalised by a group claiming allegiance to the French militant winemaker group Comite d’Action Viticole (CAV) over aid to the region’s hail-struck wine-makers.

And finally, Wine Spectator talks to fourth-generation Italian winemaker, Giampaolo Tabarrini about growing that “bastard of a grape,” Sagrantino, and what he’s doing to tame it.



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