Wine News 2-9 December

It’s a busy week here, but aren’t they all this time of year? All the same, let’s stop for a moment and talk about what’s going on in the world of wine.

Campaigners in Germany have filed a criminal complaint against a plan to build a new bridge over the Mosel, which they believe will endanger one of the country’s finest wine regions. Decanter has the full coverage.

A proposal for a high-speed train connecting Bordeaux to Spain is ringing alarm bells in Sauternes and Barsac. Catch up with this story on the Drinks Business and Decanter.

Wine Folly published a piece on Lugana, a small wine region in northern Italy that may lose 25% of its vineyards to a railway expansion. There is an alternative plan that campaigners say would only add four minutes travel time and would save 750 acres. Read about it on Wine Folly and if you’re so inclined, sign the petition.

To break this week’s trend for alarming wine news items, we will point you in the direction of Wine Spectator‘s offering of three recipes to accompany Port and cheeses: Cherry and Black Pepper Mostarda, Tomato and Piquillo Pepper Marmalade, and Apricot and Peach Chutney.

Last, but not least, we had our first mulled wine of the season a few days ago. For this batch we tried Felicity Cloake’s recipe for the Perfect Mulled Wine, a recipe from an article in the Guardian a few years ago. We skipped the garnish, but otherwise stayed fairly close to her recipe and the results were quite good. That might be our go-to mulled wine recipe for the season, although I ran across an old recipe of Marguerite Patten’s that adds brewed tea to mulled wine, and that sounds like a fascinating experiment. If we do try that one, we’ll report back.


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