Wine News 9-16 December

The wine is a-mulling even as I type, so let’s get on with the wine news!

Thieves have stolen wine worth as much as £80,000 (€100,000) from the cellars of Domaine Garon in the Côte-Rôtie. Apparently it was packaged up and ready for shipment to customers.

In light of this most recent wine theft, the Drinks Business posted a slideshow of the top ten wine thefts, from inside jobs to high-stakes heists. There were one or two here that we had somehow never heard of — someone stole an entire harvest right from the field??

Looking for suggestions for wines to serve during Hanukkah? Bottlenotes have a few suggestions. Please note: There’s no indication that the wines on the list are kosher. If that’s important to you, you’ll have to do a little further research.

Fortified wines play an important part of many treasured family recipes and food traditions, from the sherry in your trifle to the Port you drink with your Christmas Stilton. If you don’t know your Madeira from your Marsala, this primer on Wine-Searcher covers some of the basics.

And finally, are you in the market for a wine punch recipe? Wine Enthusiast offers up ten, from Italian Paisano Punch to the Streisand Spritz. You’ll probably find one on this list you haven’t tried yet.

Did we overlook your favourite news story of the week? Let us know! We are always interested in the informative and entertaining.


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