Wine News 16-23 December

We’ve caught the Christmas lurgy, but as we cough and sputter into our lebkuchen and mince pies, we decided to still attempt the last wine news before Christmas.

You probably have a collection of wine and cheese pairing tools and infographics tucked away, as we do, but take a look at this one from Decanter. You might not have this one yet, and ’tis the season for wine and cheese.

I have mixed feelings about this because some of these pairing suggestions do not sound good to me at all, but I’m going to give VinePair the benefit of the doubt (plus this cold makes most things sound terrible). Here’s VinePair’s guide to pairing wine with Christmas cookies.

And while on the subject of wine pairing, you might find Fiona Beckett’s suggestions for pairing wines with Brussels sprouts illuminating.

And, finally, if you’re missing a gift for a Star Wars lover and have scissors and a few sheets of paper, you can attempt one of Anthony Herrera’s fantastic Star Wars snowflakes. He’s been posting a set of designs for the last few years at Christmas, and you can look back the ones you may have missed. If you’re not in need of Star Wars snowflakes, there are also some Frozen snowflake designs for anyone who wants to snip a snowman.

Until next week!


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