Wine News 30 December – 6 January

Welcome back to the first post of the new year! Here’s hoping 2015 is off to a good start for you.

If you haven’t heard, there has been a major bush fire in Adelaide Hills in Australia, and ‌vineyards have been particularly hard hit. The story is major news everywhere, but for information about damage to vineyards (and a sad photo of a partially melted wine bottle), head to this article on Decanter.

We bet this list of 8 warm whiskey cocktails has a few you haven’t heard of: Bitter Candied Apple? Kentucky NyQuil? The Icabod Crane, featuring Nocino (an Italian walnut liqueur) and blackstrap molasses? You should take a look, particularly those of you in places with low temperatures at the moment.

Wine-Searcher posted 10 Things Every Wine Lover Should Know About Chateau Rieussec, and for the sweet wine lovers among you, the list is definitely required reading.

Wine Folly’s guide to grower champagne is well worth a look, especially if you don’t know very much about Champagne in general, but most readers will find something new and useful in it.

Decant This posted a great list of tasting tips from vintners. Part of what’s great about it is that the vintners contradict each other, so you get a good sense of the individuality of each of the contributors, as well as a variety of pointers to help you on your way to better wine tasting in 2015.

And, finally, Decanter‘s guide to the Tokaj region of Hungary may help you plan your next vacation, particularly if you like the area’s famous wines.


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