Wine News 6-13 January

Is that snow I see falling outside? Brrr! Settle in somewhere comfortable and warm and catch up with the latest wine news.

The world of wine lost two greats in recent days: Sonoma County is mourning the loss of John Pedroncelli, one of its pioneering winemakers, while Serge Hochar of Château Musar in Lebanon was killed in an accident while on holiday in Mexico. Tributes to both men have appeared all around the world, but we found this piece on Hochar by Andrew Jefford for Decanter magazine particularly poignant. It was only about a month ago that Daniel selected a Pedroncelli wine for Wine of the Week at work.

Bottlenotes conducted a Q&A with Carol Duval-Leroy of Champagne Duval-Leroy, and you might find her responses to questions about working as the head of a Champagne house as a woman, whether Champagne is a feminine wine, and her favourite memory of drinking Champagne.

Did you know that some winemakers in Australia are putting sunscreen on their grapes to protect them from the strong Australian sun? We didn’t.

Benjamin Lewin MW wrote a piece on Burgundy’s micro-négociants, who tend to see themselves as winemakers and are involved in the winemaking process from the moment of harvest all the way to the bottle. Also take a look at the companion piece to the article that lists Lewin’s top fifteen wines from Burgundy’s micro-négociants.

And finally, Mrs. Winetuned is heading off to her book club meeting tomorrow night, and she was not at all amused by this weekend’s article on wines for book clubs in the Guardian. We really enjoy Fiona Beckett’s column and her work in general, but she’s pretty far of the mark here. Book clubs are youngish women who pretend only to like wines they believe are popular? Hmmm. Still, if you happen to be in a book club full of pretentious young women with relationship problems and a fondness for vino, you might enjoy the recommendations.


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