Wine News 13-20 January

January always feels like the longest month of the year — the coldest too, at least where we are. Put on another jumper, grab a mug of something warm, and settle in for this week’s wine news.

Three of the victims of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris were also designers of outrageous wine labels. Wine Spectator reminds us of some of their work.

Jose Madrazo, Rioja pioneer and co-founder of the Contino winery has died. Read the tributes on Decanter and the Drink Business.

Did you miss all the wassailing events this month in England? We found one taking place in London at the end of February. A strange date for it, and a strangely urban location, but looks like it could be fun. Get the details here, and a tip of the hat to Matching Food and Wine site for bringing it to our attention.

With all the weird pseudo-scientific detox and diet stories making the news, as they always do in January, we are feeling the need for some science. Check out the physics of singing wine glasses, the (lack of) science behind those red wine baths you’ve heard about, and more over on the Academic Wino.

For anyone more interested in comfort food than counting calories this January, there some wine suggestions for macaroni cheese on Fiona Beckett’s website, including a link to a recipe for crab macaroni and cheese from Fiona Sims’s The Boat Cookbook (sneak preview: she pairs that one with Sancerre).

An expert believes he now knows how to win at the ancient drinking game kottabos. Want to know the secret?

And finally, we were incensed to read a headline about someone marketing a dog-calming potion full of alcohol — and then we read the whole article. It’s actually a bit of hand-wringing and attention-seeking over alcohol as a preservative in a remedy intended to be watered down. It’s veterinarian approved and properly diluted should not harm an animal. Now, whether these “flower essences” are likely to help is another question entirely . . . .

Did we miss a wine story you found interesting this week? Let us know!


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