Wine News 27 January to 3 February

To be frank, we have not recovered from the Superbowl. Staying up until almost 4am to watch a live American sporting event in England is not as easy as it used to be. By 2 or 3, we were actually brewing cups of tea to keep us awake, in a terribly un-American turn of events. The Superbowl cuppa.

And on with a bit of wine news!

What’s the big deal about Blaufränkisch, Austria’s signature grape? Wine-Searcher can tell you. “Wow-fränkisch” indeed.

Mark Morford gives you all you need to know about the Fifty Shades of Grey wines. Warning: May cause laughter.

Want some help pairing Italian wines and cheeses? has a good infographic on the subject. Also check out the French wine and cheese infographic. Some good stuff here.


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