Wine News 31 March – 7 April

And it’s time again for the weekly wine news! Here are the stories that had us talking over the last seven days. Did we miss something that caught your attention? Let us know!

Everyone’s talking about the Bordeaux 2014 vintage. What do you need to know? Let Tim Atkin be your guide over on Wine-Searcher, where he gives you his general impressions and his top 10.

One of the more interesting items we read in the heavy press coverage of the Bordeaux 2014 vintage was that several white wine producers were performing partial malolactic fermentation on their highly acidic 2014 Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

Jane Anson wrote an interesting piece for Decanter about how Cabernet Franc is losing its place in Bordeaux’s vineyards and becoming rarer in blends. I hadn’t realised how many vines were actually being pulled up in favour of other varieties.

Decanter actually had several articles we found particularly thought-provoking. Take a look also at Stephen Brook’s “Think you know Pinot Grigio?” (Hint: Brook says you don’t, if you haven’t tried the fine examples now growing on the slopes of Friuli) and Natasha Hughes arguing that wine flaws may play a different role in our enjoyment of wine than we think. The Hughes article also has a good run-down of wine flaws and how to detect them. Well worth a read.

Wine Spectator recently created a new newsletter called Unfiltered, its new fun, breezy and entertaining e-newsletter” on drinks and pop culture. Want to see the first issue? So far we aren’t impressed, but we’ve subscribed on the assumption it might not be Real Housewives, Sandra Lee (yes, *that* Sandra Lee, American readers) and Jonas brothers every week. Bad start, though.

VinePair offered a cheat sheet for body in red wines, which might be helpful to anyone trying to learn more about wine styles and regions (and especially anyone studying for wine exams).

Speaking of wine exams — why are you taking them? An Australian doctor of psychology says you can become a wine expert in four hours . . . .

Chances are you’ve seen this. It popped up in our Twitter and Facebook feeds regularly over the last week, but on the off chance you missed it, here’s the strange story of the 1974 US Forest Service Cocktail chart. Read up here on the Drinks Business (the image is clickable and can be enlarged) or here on VinePair.

Fiona Beckett’s drink of the week on Matching Food & Wine is Verus Riesling 2013 from Slovenia. As fans of Riesling who can’t remember ever having tried one from Slovenia, we are intrigued.

And last, but certainly not least, the next time you are on the spirits aisle in Asda, look for Freddie Mercury — not in the flesh, of course, but in the form of a tribute vodka produced by Stoli. It’s called Killer Queen and Brian May is officially endorsing it. Get the details here.


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