Wine News 1 June 2016

We are back from our unexpected hiatus. The first order of business is to catch up on the wine news!

The weather is causing heartbreak in France again as hail hit Chablis, Cognac and Beaujolais on the weekend. As always, the extent of the damage will become clearer with time, but some are using the word “apocalyptic.”

It’s English Wine Week, and even 10 Downing Street is celebrating by making Ridgeview and Chapel Down its official suppliers of sparkling wine.

We only just discovered Scotch Trooper on Instagram. Stormtroopers. Scotch. Why wouldn’t you click?

France’s futuristic Cité du Vin wine centre is now open in Bordeaux. For a look a the–oh, how shall we put this?–hideous museum of wine, check out this feature on the Drinks Business.

The creators of the wine-themed Japanese cartoon sensation, The Drops of God, are planning a new manga series about food and wine matching. Never heard of The Drops of God? Try this article from 2014 on the Daily Beast as an introduction.

All your martinis are belong to us.

A new infographic on the VinePair website will help with all your basic fish and seafood pairings.

VinePair also offered up a wine-themed colouring book. We aren’t into adult colouring, but if you are, uncork a bottle and click here.

And with that, we will leave you with your crayons to get on with it!


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