Wine News 8 June 2016

It’s starting to get hot and humid in our neck of the woods, which means we are collecting links to frozen drinks. These 25 frozen wine slushies wouldn’t normally appeal to us all that much, but on a sticky day like today, they look very good.

As part of last week’s English Wine Week celebrations, Decanter put together this list of English wines to try this summer, plus one Welsh wine! We knew the Welsh were making wine, but this may be the first time we’ve seen them pop up in a list of wine recommendations rather than just an article saying, “Someone is actually making wine in Wales.”

Wine merchant Corney & Barrow, bookseller Foyles, and author and drinks critic Damian Barr are teaming up for A Book and a Bottle, a new combination wine and book club. The Drinks Business has the scoop, or head over to the club website for additional details.

This list of 10 affordable wines to accompany polenta with braised beef is worth a read, particularly if you like polenta. We were intrigued by the suggestion of an Austrian Zweigelt.

Italian wine lovers and Italian wine grape nerds, gather round. Punch tastes Liguria’s vermentino and pigato (usually described as the vermentino grape with a few freckles) to see if there really is no difference.

De Halve Maan brewery in Bruges has raised enough money through crowdfunding to build a pipeline under the medieval city to carry beer from its brewery to its bottling plant, so now you should go find In Bruges on Netflix and imagine beer hurtling under the street in every scene.

Sometimes, when you have an interesting bottle of wine, you approach pairing from the opposite direction. Here are some suggestions from Fiona Beckett about what to eat with pinot noir.

We’re fans of carmenere, the French grape largely forgotten in France which later became Chile’s signature variety, so we were fascinated by this Decanter article about marselan potentially becoming China’s go-to grape.

Those were the news items that caught our attention this week. Did we miss your favourite? Let us know!



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