Wine News 15 June 2016

Welcome to this week’s wine news, where we gather up the news stories that interested us most and other miscellaneous discoveries.

Did you celebrate the Queen’s 90th over the weekend? There may or may not have been some jelly-making in our Lydia Leith Queen jelly mould (ok, there was), but we can’t hold a candle to Pimm’s jelly replica of Buckingham Palace with oversized jelly corgis.

lydia leith queen jelly mould

The winners of the Decanter World Wine Awards for 2016 have been announced. Did any of your favourites win?

I wonder if Gemischter Satz, the traditional blended wine served all over Vienna, is going to be as appealing if it loses that homey, jug-wine charm and sense of place. There are Viennese winemakers betting that it will.

Vinoteca at King’s Cross is hosting free Tasting Tuesdays throughout June and July from 5:30-7pm. Sometimes winemakers and producers are there to tell you about the wines too. No need to book. Check the Vinoteca website if you want directions or want to subscribe to the newsletter, which is how we heard about these tastings.

Another event we’re excited about in the King’s Cross area is KERB’s Noshville, a music-and-street-food homage to the US South taking place at Granary Square on 24-25 June. As it’s been a while since the American (and Southern) half of Winetuned has been home, we might have to stop in and soak it all up.

Remember last week when we mentioned The Drops of the Gods, the famous, wine-soaked Japanese manga series? It’s popping up everywhere in the wine press lately, as in this feature in the Drinks Business identifying the wines from the series.

Kent wine producer Chapel Down is branching out into brandy-making, which sounds promising to us, given its success with wine and a very tasty Chapel Down offering called Curious Apple Cider that we tried while in Whitstable.

Are you familiar with Maryland’s Orange Crush cocktail? Punch can tell you all about it ahead of your next marathon of John Waters films or episodes of “The Wire.”

Let Jon Bonné tell you about what’s going on in the hallowed vineyards of Burgundy these days and introduce you to ten rising star winemakers.

Here’s an interesting piece on City Winery, a new model of urban winery open currently in New York, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta and soon also Boston. They are drawing in crowds with food, bars, private events, live music, and wine education and tastings that go that extra mile and allow customers to participate in the winemaking process.

Gin lovers, here’s one for you: Fiona Beckett turns her well-trained palate to matching gin and food. (PS. If you missed World Gin Day on 11 June, we won’t tell anyone. Just celebrate it this weekend instead.)

And finally, you might like this Ultimate Reader’s Guide to Whisky, if you like whisky, books, or infographics.



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