Wine News 22 June 2016

Welcome to this week’s wine news, where we gather up the news stories that interested us most and share other miscellaneous discoveries.

If you’re headed towards the Languedoc anytime soon, you won’t want to miss Rosemary George’s top 10 wineries to visit in the region.

Want to improve your understanding of Scotch? The Whiskey Wash helps you get to know the Islands.

Vine Pair has put out a list of 7 new wine books you should consider putting on your reading list.

I’m not the target audience for blue wine, so the fact I find this article and the concept itself absurd won’t matter much.

And today in wine crimes, Burgundy merchant Maison Béjot Vins et Terroirs has been raided after suspicions  Burgundy wines were being mixed with wine from elsewhere.

So Screaming Eagle is outside your budget. There are other cult wines from California that are much more affordable.

The German Wine Institute (DWI) is reporting that German winegrowers are planting more white varieties. Riesling lovers need not fear: the new plantings don’t seem to be at the expense of the country’s top grape.

Want a peek at the 2016 Masters of Wine exam?

Wine Enthusiast has released its list of America’s 100 best wine restaurants. See if any of these are in your neck of the woods, or take note if you are planning to travel soon.

Petit manseng thrives in Virginia. Who knew?

I ran across this summer drinks feature and was astonished by the title: “35 things to drink when the rosé runs out — because summer water is sure to be the first to go.” Summer water? Are we calling it that now? Regardless of how you feel about “summer water” as a moniker, you might find something you like in this list, which includes everything from cocktails and alcohol-laced frozen drinks to frozen fruit cocktail stir sticks and boozy ice cubes. A three-ingredient grapefruit tequila slammer, perhaps? A popsicle in your prosecco? A DIY mimosa bar? Lots of inspiration here.

Non-alcoholic wine for cats. I’m not even sure you need to click on this one. I just told you everything you need to know.

And finally, this June and July you can sip 18th-century gin punch reimagined by Sipsmith in the usually members-only House of Barbabas in Soho. Tickets are £15 and proceeds go to charity.

Did we miss your favourite story of the week? Let us know!





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