Wine News 30 June 2016

There’s only one thing on anyone’s mind in Britain at the moment, and I don’t want to ignore the elephant in the room. As the immigrant half of Winetuned, Brexit is more disheartening than I can tell you. Regardless of which way you voted in the referendum, consider wearing a #safetypin to indicate your opposition to attacks on immigrants and demonstrate your solidarity with those people around you feeling vulnerable in the wake of these attacks. It means a lot to me when I see someone wearing one.

And now, here are some links for when you just can’t watch the news anymore.

This week of all weeks, treat yourself to a read of this piece on Romania’s modern day Robin Hood, wine lover Zoltán Szövérdfi-Syép who organizes a wine fair to benefit the cause of rights for Romania’s disabled.

There was a fascinating feature in Punch on Cuba’s role in cocktail history. There’s a lot more than mojitos and Ernest Hemingway to talk about.

So you spilled wine on your laptop. Get some advice here.

This sparkling post by Alder Yarrow will have you itching to visit Hungary, or, failing that, have you scouring the shelves for bottles. Don’t miss “Volcano’s Elixir: The wines of Somló, Hungary.

If you want to deepen your understanding of Spanish wine, you could do worse than start with the Spanish wine exploration map over on Wine Folly.

Food52 is a favourite website of mine for recipes and ogling the fantastic offerings in the shop, but I hadn’t really noticed the articles on wine. Take a look at these 5 wine myths that should be put to rest and another on how to chill any wine in 7 minutes.

Winemakers, take note: Smartphone apps to help you assess berry ripeness and bunch characteristics to identify the optimum picking window to create specific wine styles are almost ready for you.

New research suggests that the sounds you hear while drinking affect how you perceive the taste of your beer. You can even try out the sweet and bitter soundscapes.

Vivino has decided to discontinue support of the Windows version of its app because no one uses it.

I’m not sure I’d call these foods funky, but if you’re looking for some wine suggestions for foods such as samosas, falafel, and Chinese dumplings, you should have a look at some of these “Funky Food Pairings.

Wine Enthusiast put together a guide for how to throw the perfect summer garden party. It includes recipes for food and cocktails as well as a wine list.

Artist Zelda Sydney was interviewed by Forbes about wine labels and expressing the experience of wine visually. Worth a read, particularly if the endless parade of almost identical photos of wine glasses and wine bottles on #WineWednesday leaves you rolling your eyes.

And finally, the Pope says a wedding without wine is an embarrassment, so take heart, wine merchants!



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