Wine News 8 November 2017

Time to catch up on the news! Here’s what interested us in the last few days.

I noticed several articles this week about predicting wine preferences by “Vinomes” and “Vinotypes,” including this one about a test to predict wine preferences and one by Oliver Styles about why he finds it all a bit worrying.

There’s a range of “Walking Dead” wines. I am all for having fun with wine and trying to share what’s great about it with a wider audience, but surely you can just drink any red wine while watching. You don’t need the Negan blend.

Is Instagram Making Wine Culture Snobbier? Courtney Schiessl thinks so.

“Could there be any wine more ideal than one with the pedigree of red Burgundy and the no-cover-charge approachability of Beaujolais?” If you haven’t met Passetoutgrain, let Megan Krigbaum introduce you.

In honor of International Sherry Week, here are a couple of unorthodox sherry-related items.

How about batch cocktail full of autumnal apple and cinnamon flavours, plus amontillado? Try the Fall Monty.

Punch featured an article a while back on making your own wine syrups for cocktails. It included a manzanilla syrup it said was like a sweetener and a pinch of salt in one, along with five cocktails to use it in. If you’re looking for a DIY Christmas gift idea for that cocktail-lover who has tried everything, I think there’s potential there.

Vicki Denig says, “Real Wine Lovers Order Cabernet Franc, Not Cabernet Sauvignon.” It’s a bold statement, but I’ll put my hand up and admit I share her preference.

Finally, Dave McIntyre says the last thing to worry about at Thanksgiving is what wine to serve. It’s actually pretty easy to sort out.

It’s turned very cold here, so I’m beginning my search for the best hot mulled cider recipe. If the results are interesting, I’ll share them here soon.




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